TDM Scenario-Based Review – Approach to Complex Clinical Scenarios

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TDM Scenario-Based Review:

Approach to TDM Complex Clinical Scenarios

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A must-take course for SIPPA (Saskatchewan), PRA-FP (Manitoba),  CPSA (Alberta), PRA-BC (British Columbia), and other PRA candidates


This course provides you with the opportunity to enhance your performance and hone your approach by showing you how to efficiently implement your Clinical Knowledge in TDM Complex Clinical Scenarios.

The Perfect Candidate for this Course:

This Course works best as an Add-On to our

TDM Intensive Course OR

Mentorship Program

Other Suitable Candidates:

Doing Self-Study OR even

Participated in other Preparatory Courses yet feels the need for more

A TDM Scenario-Based Review Course

Highly Tested Topics

Packed with Key Points, Tips & Pearls

12 Spots Available


Therapeutics Decision-making (TDM) examination

TDM is the final exam for practice ready candidate before going for their CFA; Clinical Field Assessment.

It is a mandatory exam for SIPPA, Manitoba PRA_FP, and other provinces with a “Practice Ready Assessment” pathway.

Therapeutics which is defined as the application of knowledge at the level required of a Family Physician practicing independently in Canada in the pharmacological management & non-pharmacological management of medical problems (acute, chronic, etc.).

This is a must-take Exam  for SIPPA (Saskatchewan), PRA-FP (Manitoba),  CPSA (Alberta), PRA-BC (British Columbia), and other PRA candidates.

Current MCC TDM exam administration dates in  Edmonton -AB  or Vancouver -BC are:

  • January 17, 2024
  • June 05, 2024


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