PESCI (Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview)

PESCI is designed to help assess the fitness of a candidate for a specific position. It is done via observation and analysis of a candidate’s performance in approaching a patient or a scenario.

Understanding the PESCI Result

A PESCI result will have two sections that concerns an IMG; Panel’s Rating and Panel’s Recommendations. PESCI performance will be rated from 1-5 in the following 8 areas: 

  1. Medical Interviewing Skills
  2. Physical Examination Skills
  3. Clinical Judgement
  4. Treatment / Advice
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Professionalism
  7. Procedural Skills
  8. Familiarity with Social & Cultural Issues and Australian Language Idioms.

While the PESCI report comes as score in 8 different areas, the lack of incorporating the 5 domains into the PESCI interview is detrimental. 

Then in Panel’s Recommendation Section a candidate’s suitability will be recommended to AHPRA and reasons or panel recommendations, if any, will be provided.

PESCI outcome report to the applicant

PESCI report to the Medical Board of Australia

Our Uniquely Designed Online PESCI Prep. Courses & Services:

I. SmartPESCI Packages

       1. Fundamentals (Roleplay, Case Discussion)

This great package will focus on addressing the basics and laying down the essential foundation for a successful PESCI.

Our analysis of numerous unfavourable PESCI Reports shows that the number one reason for failing PESCI is lack of proper structure and organization in performing PESCI.

       2. Select Scenarios (ACRRM, RACGP)

This package will focus on how to approach various common scenarios and handle PESCI Panel’s tricky questions. You will also be given a chance to perform the cases during the course.

The main goal here is to help you feel comfortable in applying the fundamentals when you face a new scenario.

       3. Complex Cases

Inability to handle complex cases is indeed detrimental.

This advanced package aims to empower and equip you with means and methods necessary in performing complex cases in any PESCI encounters.

      Upcoming packages:

  1. Communication Skills in PESCI
  2. Common Ethico-Legal considerations in PESCI
  3. Key Knowledge Points in Common Cases

II. SmartPESCI Mock Test

This is an invaluable service. When you have prepared yourself for PESCI, yet you feel you need a professional opinion on how solid your preparation is, the PESCI Mock Test could be indispensable.

Your performance on a PESCI Mock Test could provide some information indicating that whether you should postpone your exam, take other measures before your real exam or you are indeed ready for your PESCI.

The real cost of an unfavourable PESCI Result is not just another exam fee, it is the hidden cost of a failed PESCI that heavily hits an IMG in multiple dimensions.

One dreaded dimension is the unexpected panel recommendations which imposes hard to fulfill new requirements ranging from a variety of workshops to providing up to 6 months Hospital Experience or attending Observership Experience in an accredited Teaching Clinic to even taking AMC Clinical.

Loss of the previous position, visa issues, travel & living expenses, possibly taking new prep course, cutting your work time and, of course, another exam fee are among the list of hurdles an IMG should go through too. Therefore, we encourage you to take this opportunity seriously.

III. Report Analysis & Planning

If you previously had an unfavorable experience with PESCI and are not sure where to focus, you may want to take advantage of our consultation services. Your PESCI Report will be analyzed by one of our experienced PESCI Advisors and you will receive clear individualized suggestions on how to fulfill the PESCI Panel recommendations, if any. You also will be provided an actionable personalized plan on how to tackle PESCI whether you want to prepare on your own or via taking a PESCI Prep. Course or even through one-on-one coaching.

IV. FastTrack PESCI

Suitable for those who are coming through Competent Authority Pathway, especially with Canadian LMCC. This course is designed to expedite your preparation as you may already have a great understanding on the concepts which are similar to MCCQE- Part 2.

 If you have already arranged your PESCI, we are able to help you prepare faster and perform with confident.

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