Mentorship Plus Program

Success is not an accident!

Select suitable candidates, would enjoy the best possible result within a specific time frame depending on their pace wherever they are.

Our unique Proficiency Enhancer Toolbox empowers you to maximizes your efforts.

The robust design of this program with features like Clear Road Map enables you to gain the needed knowledge without wasting time, while the MiniExams feature helps you perfect your Time Management Skills, a must-have skill set to shine in your exam day.

Ask us about other crucial features of Mentorship Plus Program such as

        Personalized Integrated Result-Oriented Execution Strategy

If you are a motivated person with a fair to good command of English in understanding Academic Materials who is not able to attend the classes or performs better at your own study pace,  then this is for you to benefit the most.

On your actual exam day, you- just like other happy colleagues- would feel no extra stress; as if you are taking just another MiniExams!

Success manifests when preparation meets opportunity.

  • Individualized Support

  • Workshops

  • Performance Enhancer Toolbox

Pick a 6-Month, 9-Month or 12-Month plan, depending on your pace & preference.

Start anytime from anywhere

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